Custom SLR kondigt ‘ProDot’ aan voor sluiterknoppen

Soms zit verbetering in details, moeten ze bij Custom SLR gedacht hebben. Het bedrijf, dat zich gespecialiseerd heeft in het ontwikkelen van camera-accessoires die aansluiten bij de eisen van vakfotografen en o.a. een serie draagbanden aanbiedt, komt nu met een bijzonder specialistische verbetering: de ProDot, een plakker die je op de camerasluiterknop bevestigt, ten einde meer controle over de sluiterknop te hebben. De Prodot is voorzien van een reliëftextuur op de bovenkant, en gevuld met een zacht materiaal.

Hoewel het initieel als een wat koddig idee overkomt, kunnen we ons nog wel voorstellen dat dit bij nat weer of klamme handen een potentiële verbetering kan zijn. Je wilt immers niet net dat ene shot missen doordat je wijsvinger van de sluiterknop glijdt… Maar wat de marketingafdeling van Custom SLR ervan maakt, is wel erg enthousiast.

Het volledige persbericht lees je hieronder, maar de belangrijkste informatie is dat de ProDot 9,95 dollar kost per twee en verkrijgbaar is in een zwarte, rode en transparante uitvoering. De nog enigszins realistische pluspunten op een rijtje:

  • Comfortabeler afdrukken (door het zachte materiaal)
  • De ProDot geeft geen vibraties door
  • Betere grip door de textuur
  • Werkt met de meeste camera’s en andere apparaten




Custom SLR Announces Immediate Availability of the ProDot, a Simply Convenient Camera Upgrade

After exceeding all fundraising expectations for its just-concluded Kickstarter campaign, Custom SLR will bring the tactile adhesive dot to market

SAN JOSE, CA, December 17, 2012 – Custom SLR, a design company creating performance products that improve the shooting experience for photographers, today announced the general availability of its latest product, the Custom SLR ProDot. A textured, press-on dot, the ProDot easily adheres to a range of surfaces to provide more finite control and vibration dampening. While initially designed to be placed on top of a camera shutter button to offer photographers a more seamless shutter-release, free of residual vibrations, the ProDot is a remarkably-simple and convenient accessory for virtually any push-button experience. Today’s announcement follows the close of the company’s latest Kickstarter campaign in which the ProDot vastly out performed its stated goal by more than tripling its funding target.

Photographers have long sought more precision and control from their DSLR’s shutter-release, and the ProDot’s textured surface and raised button-padding allow for a more ergonomic feel and an instant improvement to that most critical engagement point, the shutter button. Despite this original design intent, the scope of use for the ProDot extends far beyond the photography market, as the opportunities for this simple adhesive dot are virtually limitless. For instance, any regular user of a computer mouse, from graphic designers to journalists, can attach a ProDot to their mouse for more reflexive clicks requiring less force, while heightening control and reducing the impact of repetitive stresses. Consumer electronics and video game enthusiasts will find their finite control enhanced with a ProDot’s no-slip grip and welcomed finger cushioning adhered to their controllers.

“At Custom SLR, we are photographers who strive to improve the shooting experience for other photographers. Initially, we had this very audience in mind for the ProDot, but quickly realized that its use can be extended to a multitude of applications, such as videography, sports and numerous finger-controlled devices,” said Ivan Wong, Chief Operations Officer, Custom SLR. “The emphatic response from the Kickstarter community, has not only enabled us to bring the product to market, but has proven that there is a demand for such a dynamic little accessory.”

While the applications for the adhesive ProDot will continue expand in the hands of consumers, some of the finger-saving experiences include:

· Relief for over-used buttons on a variety of appliances, from contractors’ drills and power tools to blenders, food processors and television remotes;

· Better grip and control for athletes, be it on a golf putter, a mountain bicycle thumb shifter or the trigger of a paintball gun;

· An ideal aid for the elderly, the tactile nature of the ProDot makes buttons easier to decipher on a cell phone, or makes an emergency call button more reachable in dire circumstances;

· Anyone from hairstylists to graphic artists will welcome the padding on any spray-can tab.

Available in low-profile black, high-visibility red, and clear colorface the ProDot is sold in packages of two for $9.95. Brought to market through crowd sourcing site Kickstarter, the ProDot successfully surpassed its fundraising goal in a mere three days. To purchase a set of ProDots, please visit

The ProDot is just the latest of Custom SLR’s products to appear on Kickstarter. Its flagship offering, the C-Loop, which effectively eliminates the tangling of camera straps and enables the camera to hang safely at a photographer’s side, found overwhelming success with Kickstarter backers. Following the C-Loop, Custom SLR introduced the ergonomic Camera Split Strap and Glide Strap, which provide efficiency and comfort, as well as the multi-purpose M-Plate Pro Universal Tripod Plate System to its product line of must-have photographic accessories. Custom SLR is excited to bring the ProDot to the market, as a photographic accessory as well as an invaluable tool across the board.

About Custom SLR
Custom SLR was started by a passionate group of photographers, Anne, Ben and Ivan, who like to design useful and innovative products. The company launched in 2010 with its first product, the C-Loop camera strap mount backed by funding provided via Kickstarter, the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. The ergonomic camera straps, Split Strap and Glide Strap, followed in 2011. With a constant focus on research and development, Anne, Ben and Ivan are always working on finding new solutions to improve the shooting experience for photographers. Custom SLR is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and for more information, visit

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